How to properly maintain your jewelry?

 How to properly maintain your jewelry? Here are the basic wearing and collection knowledge.

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1. Be especially careful when putting on or taking off clothes or arranging the hair, otherwise, the jewelry may hang or deform.

2. The jewelry should be removed before falling asleep to avoid deformation or breakage.

3. Metal jewelry of different materials should be stored in different jewelry boxes to avoid wear and color contamination caused by different hardness.

4. After wearing jewelry for a long time, the surface often loses its luster, so it is best to find a professional to clean it. If you want to clean by yourself, you must choose the corresponding method to clean properly according to the jewelry material.

5. Avoid contact with substances such as vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, correction fluid, and chemicals containing lead and mercury.

6. It is best to wear jewelry after makeup is done, so as to avoid the damage caused by perfume, cosmetics, hair spray, and other substances to the jewelry.


How to maintain the necklace?

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1) During the usual wearing process, care should be taken to avoid jewelry contact with articles containing acids, alkalis, and other chemical substances in life, and supercooled and overheated conditions. Acids and alkalis will corrode the surface of the metal.

2) In addition, when doing heavy physical work and strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear the necklace, remember to store it separately after taking it off, so as not to cause wear or entanglement on the necklace.

3) Regular cleaning in daily life, common cleaning method: rinse with water and wipe dry. You can also use neutral cleaning liquid or a special jewelry cleaning liquid to clean the necklace.

4) Send to the jewelry store for polishing treatment: The necklace needs to be sent to the jewelry store regularly for polishing and fine plating treatment so that the jewelry can restore the original bright light.

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How to maintain earrings?

1) When wearing earrings, it is best not to let the sunshine, especially golden ones, which are more likely to fade.

2) Earrings are best not to get wet.

3) If the earrings are not worn for a long time, it is best to put them in a small box so that they will not be oxidized.

4) Ear hooks should be wiped frequently, using the erythromycin eye ointment, which is both hygienic and anti-inflammatory.

5) Try not to wear earrings when doing sports or housework, so as not to lose or damage the earrings' quotation swing.

6) Do not let the earrings come into contact with acid or alkaline liquids to avoid corrosion and tarnish.

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 How to maintain diamonds?

(1) Maintain the diamond ring, do not impact: Diamond is the hardest thing in the world, but in fact, it is very afraid of impact. Due to its special molecular structure, although it can scratch marks on any gemstone, it cannot withstand impact. Especially for "claw-set" diamonds, the waist of the diamond is very fragile.

(2) Maintenance of the diamond ring and regular annual inspection: The loss of diamonds due to loose setting often occurs. It is recommended to do an annual inspection for the diamond jewelry every year, check the setting, re-solidify, and polish.

(3) Maintenance of diamond rings, professional cleaning: diamonds are oleophilic gemstones, which are easily contaminated with oil, so remove the diamond jewelry when applying hand cream. It should not be worn while swimming. Chloride bleach in the water can damage the diamond ring. It is recommended to choose professional jewelry cleaner and instrument cleaning.

(4) Maintain diamond rings and store them in different categories: store different gemstones in order to prevent hard diamonds from scratching other gemstones.


How to maintain 18K gold jewelry?

1) 18K gold should avoid direct contact with high volatility and chemicals such as detergents, perfumes, seawater and avoid tangling hair or rubbing hard objects.

2) When wearing 18K gold, do not participate in violent activities. Because violent activities can easily damage or deform the pendant, it may also cause sweat and corrosion.

3) Before wearing 18K gold, carefully check the key parts of the jewelry, such as chain links and buckles, to avoid falling off.

4) Do not touch the diamond surface of 18K gold with your hands or other skin. You can wipe it with clean paper or oil-absorbing makeup paper.

5) When not wearing 18K gold, be sure to place it carefully in the jewelry box. Diamond jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratches caused by friction with other jewelry.

6) Ask a professional to check your diamond ornament once a year to see if the inlaid tooth foot is firm.




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